• XHORSE VVDI Bga Mercedes Cihazı



1.BE key reading and new key preparation with IR

2.NEC V051, V057 version switches have password retrieval feature

3.All NEC network write and delete support

4. Password calculation: Very fast calculation feature for BGA keys and NEC (including 51.57 version) keys.

5.EIS and ELV refresh function

6.EIS and ELV write function

7.Online key generation file calculation

8.ELV unlock window. (Very soon)

9.Functions for other control modules will be supported very soon

Latest Technical details:

Note: The VVDI MB BGA device is a device that receives continuous updates. Available models for your reference

IR / OBD producing  models:

W164, W164 2009+

A166, W197, W212, W218, A246

A169, W209, W211

W172, W204, A207


W204, W207, W212 only with DUMP

W209 only with DUMP


W215, W220





Supported Key Versions:

v03, v06, v08

v05, v07, v09

V59, v61

Connection with two adapters:

28, 35, 40, 51, 57 versions, another 59 versions

Package Included:

* 1pcs VVDI MB BGA Device

* 3 NEC adapters

* 1 IR adapter

* 1 pc OBD connection cable

* 1 USB connection cable

Optional (Not Included):

ESL ELV Desktop Test Cables

XHORSE VVDI Bga Mercedes Cihazı

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  • Product Code: XHR005
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